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Engineering & History


Engineering & History

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Engineering & History   

   This web site is to make available to a wider audience papers regarding engineering in history. The common denominator is that these papers look at a given topic above all from an engineer's point of view which is rarely found in descriptions and discussions of our past. In a way, these papers aim to look at past technical challenges and issues with the benefit of a modern-day engineer's insights and perspective.
   Thus far, the papers posted here deal with steam locomotives and naval architecture. Yet this web site is open to other topics as well. Anybody considering offering a paper that might fit the spirit of this site for being posted here, would be welcome to contact the publisher ("Herausgeber und Autor" under "Impressum").
   In the case of rather old references within these papers, it has not always been possible to identify the owner of the copyrights despite very considerable efforts to do so. The publisher of this site would be most grateful for any pointers in this regard.The author of a given paper is responsible for its contents. All copyrights belong to the respective authors.

  Jan Hartmann, the author of most of the papers and editor of the series, is a retired professor of naval architecture with a great interest in steam locomotives.

On the Unusual Floatplane Retrieval Equipment of the Light Cruiser “Nürnberg” (i.e. “Nuremberg”)
(Zur Flugzeug-Anlage des leichten Kreuzers “Nürnberg”)
Jan Hartmann, Nürnberg 2012 b

    Launched in 1934, the German light cruiser “Nürnberg” initially carried a catapult to launch and equipment to retrieve from the water a reconnaissance floatplane. (All this gear was removed to make room for mostly additional anti-aircraft artillery at some time during WWII.)  The retrieval equipment did not entail a conventional crane and, in that way, appears to have been unique. (read more ... )

On the Frame and Drive Mechanism Designs of Early Steam Locomotives 
(Zur Rahmen- und Triebwerkskonstruktion der ersten Dampflokomotiven)
Jan Hartmann, Nürnberg 2012 a

    This paper is a completely rewritten and much expanded version of and replaces the earlier paper, “On the Frame and Engine Configurations of Old Steam Locomotives – In Particular of the ‘Adler’,” by the same author, that had been posted on the web in 2008 and will be cancelled now.
    read more ... )

Auxiliary Kite Propulsion for Ships   (Lenkdrachen als Schiffs-Zusatzantrieb)
Wolfgang Walter
, Bremen 2011 b

    The paper considers the actual wind distribution available for ships equipped with a traction kite.  ( read more ... ).  

The State of the Art of Steam Locomotive Design at the End of Its Development
(Zum Stand der Dampflokomotivtechnik am Ende ihrer Entwicklung)
Jan Hartmann, Nürnberg 2011 a

    This paper – the result of decades of interest in and research regarding steam locomotives by its author – intends to document and discuss, in one place, the state of the art of steam locomotive design at its most advanced and hopes to make a small contribution to the slowing down the ‚tide of forgetting’. ( read more ... )

On the Design Principles of Post-WWII Steam Locomotives
(Zu den “Baugrundsätzen” für Neubau-Dampf-Lokommotiven nach dem 2. Weltkrieg)
Jan Hartmann, Nürnberg 2010

    This paper discusses the conditions the respective railroad systems were in at the end of WWII and the plans to rebuild them.  To the extent that design principles had been published, they are described and commented on in detail. ( read more ... )

The Steamship “Kanal” (1886) - The Ship and her Last Journey (Der Dampfer “Kanal” von 1886 - Das Schiff und seine letzte Reise)
Jan Hartmann, Nürnberg 2009

    Tapping a considerable variety of resources and at times using simple engineering calculations to assess some of the characteristics of the steamer, the author assembles the background against which to evaluate the fatal accident, 100 years ago, and, as a byproduct, sheds some light on some aspects of coastal shipping during those times. ( read more ... )

On a Rather Unusual Steam Locomotive Engine (Ein Dampfzylinder der Bauart Sondermann von 1896 - Spur einer verschwundenen Dampflokomotiv-Bauart)
Jan Hartmann, Nürnberg 2007

    On display at the German Steam Locomotive Museum at Neuenmarkt in Upper Franconia, i.e. Northern Bavaria, ( is a cut open cylinder, including the piston, of a highly unusual type which is nowadays almost forgotten. Research by the author revealed that the cylinder exhibited at the museum had been taken from a Bavarian E 1 class, 2-8-0 type freight steam locomotive, built in 1896. ( read more ... )


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